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Contents of issue 3-4 - December 2023


  • Interview: Christopher Boss, Executive Director of EUROGUSS, provides some insights. Jens Fuderholz
  • Executive Circle of the casting industry


  • Innovative software optimizes Maus machines
  • 3D measuring: new opportunities along the value chain
  • Increasing efficiency through digitalization
  • Sinter-based to high-precision small and micro metal parts
  • High-gloss surfaces through dry electropolishing
  • The right pump impeller at the first time
  • 100 percent IO
  • Die lubricant innovations for the latest generation
  • 3D printing for customized filter designs
  • Do traces of nickel impair the quality of aluminum wheels?

The year begins exciting – with EUROGUSS show

Martin Vogt, Editor-in-chief © BDG

The world‘s leading trade fair – are you there?

One year ends for the foundry industry, the new one begins with EUROGUSS. The die casting trade fair is a showcase – for foundries as well as the supply industry and all manufacturers of machinery and equipment. Visitors can also look forward to the 23rd German Die Casting Congress and the awards ceremony for the European Die Casting Competition.

There’s no question that die casting is booming. Also thanks to the rapid progress that the process is currently undergoing. At least that would be my conclusion in view of the extreme increase in the clamping forces of new die casting machines.

Who initiated the development? A certain Elon Musk. An exotic man from outside the industry who, it is said, once developed the vision of casting larger parts of a car in one piece while looking at model cars instead of assembling various individual parts. From a technical point of view, this makes sense, and from a business point of view anyway, as various work steps (and costs) can be saved if half a car comes out of the machine.

It is hardly surprising that German car manufacturers, rich in tradition and reputation, find it difficult to deal with such cheerful disruption from outside the industry. And also that the machines with the spectacular closing forces tend to come from Chinese investors and owners.

We can all look forward to seeing where this die casting journey will take us. EUROGUSS in Nuremberg at the start of 2024 will provide an opportunity to exchange ideas. All four exhibition halls have been fully booked for the event in january. “Die casting is about much more than megacasting”, says Christopher Boss, Executive Director of EUROGUSS.

Indeed: More than 60 percent of the around 600 exhibitors are international and come from 33 countries, primarily Italy, Turkey, Spain, Austria and Switzerland. They will showcase their technologies at their exhibition stands and their expertise at Speakers’ Corner, the German Die Casting Congress, and in various guided tours or pavilions. The Congress is organzied by the German Foundry Association – with a variety of exciting state-of-the-art lectures. Furthermore, the Europaen Die Casting Competition will take place in Nürnberg.

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