Mixing sand and moulding core boxes – one of the activities on the Girls' Day programme. - © ASK CHEMICALS

15 girls at Girls Day

ASK Chemicals, Hilden, took part in Girls Day on 25 April 2024 with its sites in Germany.

Under the motto ‘A different kind of chemistry – the world of foundry chemistry’, a total of 15 girls aged between 12 and 16 had the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes at ASK Chemicals. During the day of action, the participating girls at the Hilden, Wülfrath, Bendorf and Fuldabrück sites received an introduction to the various fields of work in chemistry and engineering. Interesting experiments and getting to know casting processes are intended to foster their enthusiasm for science and technology.

One highlight was the practical part in the test foundry in Hilden. There, 8 girls got to know the world of foundry work at first hand at various stations. They mixed sand, formed the core box and watched the casting of iron. In the chemical laboratories, the schoolgirls carried out chemical experiments with everyday and kitchen objects and learned how the working day in a chemical laboratory is organised. In the concluding question and answer sessions, experienced employees of ASK Chemicals answered the participants' questions in detail. At the end, each student received a sand figure from the 3D sand laboratory as a souvenir.