Additive manufacturing of the future: Franken Guss opts for high-performance StrengthAl alloy

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Franken Guss is once again setting new standards in the world of additive manufacturing with the ground-breaking introduction of the aluminium-based high-performance alloy StrengthAl.

This alloy is revolutionising additive manufacturing by replacing the 7000 series of wrought alloys and at the same time has no tendency to hot cracking. As a result, the alloy remains stable even under high pressure. StrengthAl is widely used in various industries, including motorsport, aerospace and the leisure industry. Particularly noteworthy are its outstanding welding properties and anodising ability, which makes the alloy ideal for surface treatments to improve corrosion resistance and aesthetics. What makes this alloy particularly impressive is its exceptional strength and ductility. Compared to conventional alloys such as AlSi10Mg, StrengthAl has a significantly higher yield strength and ductility. This makes it the optimal choice for applications where strength and lightweight construction are crucial. The introduction of StrengthAl has the potential to fundamentally change production methods in these industries.

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