Ralf Stog will succeed Ralf Gorski in mid-2024. - © PRIVAT

BDG-Service GmbH - New managing director appointed

Ralf Gorski leaves - Ralf Stog takes over. After six years, Ralf Gorski is handing over the baton to his successor. The handover is planned and business operations will not be affected by the change.

The transition will probably be a smooth one. This is because the old and new Managing Directors will work together at BDG-Service for around a quarter of a year: Ralf Gorski will leave in June, Ralf Stog will start in March. The 58-year-old Stog studied metallurgy and materials technology in Aachen and graduated with a degree in engineering. He also has extensive industry experience. With BDG-Service GmbH, he is taking over a competence center for the foundry industry, which offers technical services as well as further training for the sector.

BDG-Service GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Federal Association of the German Foundry Industry. With its consulting services and modern laboratories, it has established itself as a competence center for foundries, foundry suppliers, casting buyers and disposal companies since 2002. With the integration of the VDG Academy and its further training courses specifically geared towards the foundry sector, including the industrial foreman specializing in foundry and the VDG additional course in foundry technology, BDG-Service now offers an all-round package for the sector. Ralf Gorski played a key role in the merger of BDG-Service and VDG Academy in 2022.