Cybersecurity - free tool kit

CybeReady offers a free training toolkit to make employees more aware of the dangers of fraudulent text messages (smishing).

The number of SMS-based phishing attacks is on the rise. It is therefore all the more important to make employees more aware of the dangers of fraudulent text messages. CybeReady, one of the leading providers of security awareness training, is therefore offering a free training toolkit on the topic of smishing. The tips and insights provided by the security awareness experts help companies to protect themselves against potentially serious smishing attacks. The training kit can be downloaded free of charge in 13 languages as a PDF file from the CybeReady website.

Since April 2024, the CybeReady training platform has also offered SMS phishing simulations to promote the detection of smishing, the appropriate response and thus the security of companies. ‘Smishing has become increasingly important in recent years. Therefore, employees must be prepared to avoid falling victim to such attacks,’ says Mike Polatsek, CEO of CybeReady. ‘With our new smishing extension, we are enabling companies to stay one step ahead of these annoying and potentially dangerous cyber threats.’ The CybeReady platform uses adaptive methods and machine learning to provide personalised and engaging training content tailored to the individual needs and learning patterns of each employee.