The EcoJet preheater. - © OTTO JUNKER

Environmentally friendly heat

Otto Junker, Simmerath, presents the EcoJet preheating oven, which, together with the already introduced induction-heated JuDy oven, enables environmentally friendly preheating without fossil fuels.

According to the company, the EcoJet preheater has an efficiency of over 95%. The temperature is monitored using thermocouples to ensure optimum heat transfer. By using the EcoJet preheater, companies can not only improve their ecological footprint, but also ensure their productivity in times of fluctuating gas supplies. With a fast heat-up time and precise temperature control, the oven promises a future-proof solution that combines environmental protection and cost-effectiveness.

The JuDy (JunkerDynamicHeater) is an induction-heated furnace with an efficiency of approx. 58% and the ability to generate a precise temperature profile in the workpiece through individual zones. According to the supplier, the use of a ceramic melting protection tube significantly reduces the energy requirement. The support shell transport helps to avoid scratches and scoring on the surface. By using the mathematical process model "Billet Pilot", the amount of heat can be optimized and the heating time reduced. Both the IGBT converters and the coils are core components from our own production, which are extensively tested and adjusted before delivery. JuDy offers the necessary flexibility for special requirements and at the same time guarantees a reproducible temperature curve. This solution complements electrically heated preheating furnaces - as stand-alone, in parallel and in line.

Together, EcoJet and JuDy achieve a high level of efficiency and are suitable for use in various branches of industry. For example, for foundries and metal processing - here EcoJet and JuDy can help to optimize energy consumption, speed up production processes and improve the quality of the end products. This is particularly important for the production of aluminum and copper.