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EU accelerates the expansion of renewables

At their meeting in Brussels in December, the EU energy ministers agreed on an extension of three EU emergency regulations for the accelerated expansion of renewable energies, for gas solidarity measures by the member states and the so-called market correction mechanism against excessive gas prices. In particular, the rules on accelerated authorisation for renewable energy and electricity grid projects until mid-2025 are to be welcomed. These can save more than a year in the construction of a new onshore wind turbine and have already been transposed into German law. The EU emergency regulation allows exemptions from time-consuming procedural and review steps in planning and authorisation procedures in order to boost the expansion of renewables across the EU.

State Secretary Sven Giegold: "With today's decisions, we can accelerate 7,000 kilometres of grids and wind power projects with a capacity of 40 GW. Strong population protection also ensures the conservation of endangered species. This shows that the Green Deal continues. With the longer period of validity of the EU emergency regulation, we can utilise the faster planning and approval procedures until mid-2025. This will substantially strengthen the momentum that has already begun in the expansion of wind turbines and electricity grids."

Another topic is the current EU legislative dossiers in the energy sector. In recent weeks, political agreements have been reached on the following Fit for 55 dossiers in the energy sector: the Methane Regulation, the EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and the EU gas market package. State Secretary Sven Giegold commented: "The negotiation agreements on the Methane Regulation, the EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and the EU gas package are important milestones in the European Green Deal. Europe is sending a clear signal in favour of climate protection and an ecological and social energy transition."

The Joint Communiqué of the RES Alliance was presented to Energy Commissioner Simson. The RES Alliance wants to further accelerate the expansion of renewable energies. The signatories emphasised the importance of European energy security and pledged to improve the framework conditions for its development.

Source: BMWK