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Flexible lead times

Quickparts has announced the introduction of flexible lead time options for its 3D printing instant quote service. Customers of the QuickQuote portal can now choose the lead time that best suits their project requirements.

Quickparts offers instant quoting for SLA, SLS and DLP parts, as well as manual quoting through the portal for other additive manufacturing processes such as DMP (metal), MJF and FDM. The introduction of a range of manufacturing lead time options is designed to give customers more control over their project schedules and budgets.

European and UK customers can now choose between a standard and economy manufacturing lead time, which is reflected in the prices quoted as part of the instant quotation process to balance the urgency of the project with budget constraints. Standard lead time is 3 to 5 days, economy 5 to 7 days. Additional, specialised finishing can extend standard lead times.