The FEEDEX FEF product range will be showcased with best-in-class application examples. - © FOSECO

FOSECO shows new feeding systems

Recent rises in energy and waste disposal costs is driving demand among iron and steel foundries for new feeding systems that improve process costs and casting yields, while minimising casting defects. Understanding this, FOSECO will present several new developments in feeding solutions at GIFA 2023.

With the development of FEEDEX FEF, FOSECO now offer a complete range of feeding products that are either fluoride emission free or fluoride free. Available in all product geometries from standard FEEDEX range, FEEDEX FEF is another milestone on FOSECOS sustainability roadmap. And, alongside KALMINEX 2000 FF and the fluoride-free KALMINEX SD formulation, it means the company now offer a complete range of fluoride-free feeding systems.


Additional highlights at GIFA 2023 will include

  • The patented FEEDEX VAK technology, which is specifically designed to meet the demands of more challenging castings, where neck modulus is critical to ensure casting integrity.
  • FEEDEX K technology, which expands spot feeding with collapsible metal core technology beyond horizontal green sand applications to provide optimum feeding of isolated sections on vertically-parted moulds. To demonstrate this, FOSECO will show two DISAMATIC castings produced using FEEDEX K.
  • Case studies demonstrating the SCK (sleeve construction kit) product range for jobbing iron and steel foundries. This modular product range enables foundries to optimise casting yield and reduce fettling costs on large steel and iron castings.

Where applicable, all exhibits will feature casting process simulations created in the recently-updated Foseco Pro Module 2.0 for MAGMASOFT. Visitors will also be able to try out the FEEDER CALCULATOR tool, which provides step-by-step assistance in selecting the perfect feeder sleeve from the extensive product range.