Cobots are collaborative robots that can work directly with humans to support them. - © Susann Reichert, IPH gGmbH

Hannover Messe 2024: A cobot learns to draw - thanks to AI image recognition

The trade fair exhibit from the Institut für Integrierte Produktion Hannover gGmbH (IPH) is an example of how robots can work with AI to master unpredictable situations - without a human having to reprogram them. This offers small and medium-sized companies in particular the opportunity to maintain or even increase their production in times of a shortage of skilled workers and strengthens Germany as a business location.

Cobots are collaborative robots that can take over tasks in production that were previously carried out by human hands. In contrast to traditional industrial robots, cobots are allowed to work directly with humans - because they are not intended to replace skilled workers, but to support them.

The cobot that the IPH is showing at the Hannover Messe can trace photos in detail. The previously unknown photos are analyzed using AI image recognition and converted into movement instructions for the cobot. The combination of robotics and AI image recognition can be implemented in various production areas in the future, such as welding. For example, the robot could automatically analyze a joint to be welded and then independently calculate and execute the necessary movements.

At the trade fair stand, IPH employees will also be providing information on numerous other AI applications - from AI-based sales planning and automated order checking to AI-based analysis of medical data.