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Insights into BMW and ExOne's AM journey.

Desktop Metal, Inc. a provider of additive manufacturing (AM) technologies for mass production, has released a video showing how BMW Group is using ExOne Binder Jet 3D printers for mass production of cast powertrain components.

ExOne and BMW Group have been working together on project development for more than 20 years. The car manufacturer is using four ExOne Exerial Binderjet 3D printing systems for the series production of water jacket cores for metal casting, with two more systems scheduled for delivery. Combined with a microwave, desanding station and fully automated conveyor system, the complete Exerial system enables 24/7 high-speed production and delivers high-precision parts. Take a look at ExOne and BMW's groundbreaking AM journey.

The Pioneering Additive Manufacturing Journey of BMW and ExOne

In binder jetting, an industrial print head selectively applies a binder to a bed of powdered materials - such as sand, metal or ceramic - creating a solid part in a thin layer. In sand casting, the sand part is removed and incorporated into a mould package used to cast molten metal. Binderjet 3D printing technology is widely regarded as a desirable and sustainable production process, primarily because of its high speed, low waste and cost, and material flexibility.