Lightweight construction solutions for the automotive industry

Das in diesem Artikel erwähnte Unternehmen ist Aussteller auf der kommenden EUROGUSS.

Nemak's core expertise lies in lightweight automotive construction for the areas of e-mobility, body and chassis as well as drive systems. This year's exhibition on the two-storey stand is dedicated to four topics: developed design, innovative technologies, sustainable solutions and moulded and assembled products.

Over the years, Nemak has built up decisive expertise in the area of development. In order to create better solutions for customers, it is important to understand products from a process, material and design perspective. This enables Nemak to improve the performance of components, reduce weight and simultaneously reduce emissions. The path from customer requirement to the finished, crash-relevant component is demonstrated using a series product as an example. Through an optimisation process, it was possible to reduce the weight of the component by 30%, improve the crash properties and significantly reduce the CO2 footprint by using 60% secondary aluminium. The material card is of particular importance here. In addition, the use of precise simulations has shortened the development time and significantly reduced development costs.

Sustainable solutions are playing an increasingly important role, especially in mobility. In addition to material and weight reduction in the design, sustainable casting processes and, above all, the choice of material with regard to the composition of the alloy are crucial. The aim is to use as much secondary aluminium as possible in the alloy while maintaining the same material properties. Nemak is researching new alloys that make it possible to produce state-of-the-art components for the automotive industry from used materials such as beverage cans.

With the NemaCar 2.0, Nemak is presenting its entire product portfolio in a single exhibit. The latest version of the concept car is based on an electric drive system and demonstrates a wide range of manufacturing options. In addition to three different casting processes, the components of the show car also utilise a variety of secondary processes. The front part of the body is connected to the rear by a mounted BEV battery housing. In total, the car consists of 13 aluminium parts, which are manufactured by Nemak at eight locations for seven different customers. There is also a wide range of series solutions on display, consisting of seven moulded battery housings and five subframes.

Nemak Europe GmbH
THE SQUAIRE 17, Am Flughafen
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