PRO FI. GIGA is designed for the material inspection of GIGA castings. - © VISICONSULT X-RAY SYSTEMS & SOLUTIONS

Material testing of (giga) castings

The two new inline X-ray inspection systems from VCxray are specially tailored to the foundry industry. Inspection with the systems should be fast, simple and automatic. And the GIGA variant is designed for giga-cast parts and large battery trays.

The PRO Line X-ray inspection device portfolio from VCxray has been expanded to include the two inline inspection solutions PRO FI. and PRO FI. GIGA. Both are tailored to the foundry industry and markets such as manufacturing, automotive and aerospace. A new design concept is intended to considerably improve the inspection process and significantly reduce the time per view. They are PRO FI. 2D X-ray systems are ADR compatible and could be integrated directly into production lines or automation cells.

PRO FI has an inspection area of up to 1600 x 1000 x 500 mm, and parts can be changed in less than six seconds. It is available with 160 kV and 225 kV and no programming knowledge is required to create new test programs. It can be used manually via joysticks or in fully automatic program mode, and robot loading cells and production lines can be integrated via an open interface.

PRO FI. GIGA takes account of the GIGA Casting megatrend. According to the manufacturer, it is the first NDT solution for testing gigacastings and large battery trays. The XL version of the PRO FI combines fast data analysis with simple inline inspection of large castings. The high-speed manipulator synchronizes the X-ray inspection with the cycle time of the production line. The PRO FI. GIGA can be adapted to specific customer requirements.