Scania and the Birn Group are already well underway in developing several solutions for the truck manufacturer's electric trucks. - © Birn

New market for foundry group

For many years, Birn Group has supplied cast iron components to the truck industry. The foundry group, with companies in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, and Italy, is currently expanding this market by providing advice and developing more climate-friendly cast iron components, including solutions for the electric trucks of the future.

According to the European Environment Agency, heavy-duty vehicles are responsible for no less than a quarter of CO2 emissions from all road transport in the EU. That is why European truck manufacturers are working hard to reduce their carbon footprint, and this development is gradually beginning to spread throughout the entire value chain. This also accounts for one of Northern Europe’s biggest foundry groups, the Birn Group, which has supplied cast iron solutions to the European truck industry for decades.

The Birn Group are currently experiencing demands from several of its customers in the truck industry for documentation of the CO2 footprint of cast iron components, life cycle assessments, durability, and questions about sustainability in the productions. According to Group CEO Claus Beier these demands have thus opened a whole new market for the foundry group, providing advice and developing more climate-friendly products.

A good example of this is the Swedish truck manufacturer Scania, which last year set a target to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 90 percent throughout its European value chain. This places new demands on subcontractors such as the Birn Group, which has now begun to collaborate with Scania to develop components for the electric trucks of the future.