The AlSi7.Rec alloy for aluminium alloy wheels, developed in close cooperation between AUDI AG, AMAG and the RONAL Group, was used for the first time. - © AUDI

Recycled casting alloy with a low CO2 footprint

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The recycling alloy AMAG AlSi7.Rec is a versatile casting alloy that can be used for the production of structural parts with high demands on elongation at break and good strength. Because it can be produced as a recycled alloy, its CO2 footprint is many times lower than that of primarily produced alloys during production.

In addition to aluminium alloy wheels, examples of applications include complex machine and engine parts for the automotive industry and electrical engineering as well as housings or cladding. Another area of application is structural components with moderate corrosion requirements.

With AMAG AlSi7.Rec, there is now an AlSi alloy that fulfils all the technical requirements of safety-relevant components, while at the same time allowing a significant increase in the proportion of recycled material thanks to an extended tolerance interval in the alloy composition. Thanks to a sophisticated alloy design, it was possible to compensate for the opposing effects of the various elements. The alloy composition can be specifically optimised according to the customer's requirements profile in order to ensure the best possible balance between the mutually influencing properties.

As a result, AMAG AlSi7.Rec is a certified product with a significantly reduced CO2 footprint in line with the Al4ever programme recently initiated by AMAG, which enables AMAG customers to design their products in a much more climate-friendly way and thus achieve their environmental goals more easily.

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