Available in brass or stainless steel - the Ultravent 6 safety valve. The opening pressure set at the factory according to customer requirements can be verified by a TÜV certificate. - © WITT-GASETECHNIK

Safe from the slightest overpressure

There is a valve for even the smallest overpressure. Ultravent 6 controls even the smallest pressure increases in gas technology systems. It also provides the necessary precision and flow capacity to protect hydrogen electrolysers up to 270 °C.

Model 6 is the first valve in the Ultravent product range from Witt-Gasetechnik. It controls pressure rises from 5 to 500 mbar and can also protect hydrogen electrolysers up to 270 °C or be used as a vacuum breaker or control valve. The purely mechanical, direct-acting, spring-loaded valve, which opens and blows off when the opening pressure is exceeded, closes automatically after pressure equalization. The blow-off performance of the compact valve is made possible by a flow-optimized design. The 36 mm long, 45 g valve has a diameter of 19 mm and is available with 1/8 inch G or NPT female thread connections as well as optional inlet and/or outlet filters. Tests with over 100,000 cycles prove its reliability. Witt-Gasetechnik intends to further expand the product range.