The DP75 is compatible with USB 3.1 Gen2 and can be used with most PCs. - © EVIDENT

See more, inspect more accurately

The new DP75 digital microscope camera promises new dimensions in microscopic imaging. With just a single color camera, brightfield images and fluorescence images can be captured in a wide wavelength range.

According to the supplier, the DP75 enables the acquisition of high-quality brightfield and fluorescence images even in the near-infrared range (NIR), e.g. for the inspection of surface structures. This is intended to facilitate the microscopy imaging process. With the highly sensitive cooled CMOS sensor, it is easy to obtain sharp and low-noise fluorescence images. The fast frame rate of 60 fps with Full HD and 22 fps with at least 4K delivers smooth live images for easy image capture and convenient live viewing.

The camera's advanced, multi-axis color correction technology ensures true-to-life color reproduction, so images should appear as clear as if viewed through the eyepieces of a microscope. In addition, intelligent AI-based scene recognition enables automatic detection of the observation method and adaptation to the corresponding image parameters. This produces high-quality images without much effort, regardless of the observation method.

The linear mode of the DP75 simplifies quantitative data acquisition and enables a relative intensity assessment of the fluorescence expression of a sample. In addition, the camera enables pixel-accurate overlay of fluorescence and brightfield images so that the areas of fluorescence expression can be precisely assigned to the morphology of the sample. For industrial applications, the camera's HDR (High Dynamic Range) function produces true-to-life images with a very sharp representation of structures, defects and previously unrecognizable flaws.