Peeler centrifuges (left) recycle the process water from circular vibrators (right) for mass finishing. - © FACTORY PHOTOS WALTHER TROWAL

Simply recycle process water

The new peeler centrifuge from Walther Trowal now has a "digital scraper" that automates the setup of the machine. This saves time and reduces costs.

The new ZA 04 peeler centrifuge reduces manual effort, the time required to set up the machine and its maintenance to a minimum. The machine is also around 30 percent more compact than its predecessor.

The key is a "digital scraper" in the centrifuge, which is controlled by an integrated displacement-force measurement system so that it always maintains the correct distance from the inner wall. The sludge that is deposited on the inner wall of the centrifuge during the treatment of the process water produced during the mass finishing of workpieces is also removed by a scraper, just like in conventional centrifuges. However, manual adjustment of the peeling blade is no longer necessary and all mechanical adjustment activities are no longer required. The machine is set up automatically. In addition, all operating and maintenance elements are accessible from one side. As with the other mass finishing machines, operation is intuitive using a touchscreen. This simplifies the recycling of process water.