veoCast makes it easier to assess the castability of CAD components. - © TERAPORT

Teraport presents veoCAST

Das in diesem Artikel erwähnte Unternehmen ist Aussteller auf der kommenden EUROGUSS.

Teraport, a leading provider of software solutions in the field of CAD analysis, will present the latest version of veoCAST at EUROGUSS 2024. This innovative software uses a revolutionary approach to analysing CAD components with regard to their suitability for casting processes.

veoCAST is a stand-alone application that simplifies and optimises the evaluation of CAD components with regard to their suitability for casting. What sets it apart from conventional methods is its unique, simulation-free approach. Instead of relying on resource-intensive finite element simulations, veoCAST uses geometric analysis to quickly determine whether a component is suitable for the casting process. The geometry-orientated approach of veoCAST offers numerous advantages: It significantly speeds up the analysis process, allowing users to evaluate components in the shortest possible time. In addition, this approach enables the early identification of potential manufacturing problems at a time when technical details such as the sprue and tempering system have not yet been finalised.

One of the outstanding features of veoCAST is its user-friendly interface. Even people without a deep technical background can use it without any problems. The intuitive layout of the software simplifies the analysis process and makes it accessible to a wider range of users in design, technical purchasing and foundries.

The latest version of veoCAST includes an automatic mould parting line suggestion function. This feature allows users to automatically suggest the optimal mould parting line for the casting tool. This new feature not only saves valuable time, but also further simplifies usability.

Teraport has listened to the needs of its customers and implemented a seamless integration into the Altair licence system. This integration allows users to access veoCAST through the Altair Partner Programme. Users already using the Altair licensing system can thus integrate veoCAST without re-licensing to benefit from the extensive capabilities of the software solution.

Teraport's presentation of veoCAST at EUROGUSS 2024 offers visitors the opportunity to familiarise themselves with this innovative software. By using veoCAST, manufacturers can revolutionise their analysis of CAD components, optimise casting processes and reduce the risk of costly defects. This is a major step towards optimising the casting and moulding industry and Teraport is at the forefront of this innovation. Get advice from the Teraport exhibition team at EUROGUSS 2024 and experience the future of casting analysis in action.

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