Advanced Industrial Molding Equipment System and Service Provider

The YIZUMI LEAP die casting technology has been successfully applied in the automotive industry’s lightweighting with aluminium and magnesium alloys. With 20 years of development, YIZUMI aims to be a top solutions provider in the field of die casting.

By focusing on advanced machines and a skilled workforce that ensures cost-effective solutions with cutting-edge technology, YIZUMI stresses holistic OEE and TCO strategies, not limited to machines but encompassing thermally balanced tools, optimized part design, and intensive personnel training.

LEAP Series Die Casting Machine. - © YIZUMI
LEAP Series Die Casting Machine. © YIZUMI

The LEAP die casting technology boasts an effective real-time controlled injection, energy-saving hydraulics, and self-learning algorithms to maximize precision and repeatability. The YIZUMI’s customer-centric approach includes not only robust support, and training but also expertise in tooling and simulations. Successful case studies demonstrate LEAP’s efficacy, especially in producing ultra large die casting parts for electric vehicles. YIZUMI commits to continuous improvement, striving to provide global cost-effective die casting solutions.


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