The electromechanical swing clamp is now available in two sizes. - © ROEMHELD

Compact swing clamp

Clamping workpieces without hydraulics, but there is not enough space in the machine? Roemheld, Laubach, has now introduced a small version of its electric swing clamp.

According to the company, the two versions are the only electromechanical swing clamps available on the market to date. Thanks to its compact size, the new product can be used in a wide range of applications. In the new size 1, the model has a length of just 260 mm with a diameter of 55 mm. The axial tensile force is 2.7 kN and the clamping stroke is 13 mm. Swiveling the clamping arm through 180° only requires an axial stroke of 3 mm. A swivel angle of 90° is also possible.

Depending on the user's requirements, the swing clamps can be controlled individually or together. Disc springs allow the unit to be mechanically repositioned as required, ensuring precise clamping at all times. When unclamping, the clamp always swings back to its starting position. A self-locking spindle drive ensures safe operation. If the power supply is disconnected, the clamping force is still maintained.

Various features and function controls are designed to contribute to a high level of process reliability: The clamping force can be precisely adjusted and monitored. It also offers electrical position monitoring, a clamping path query and various self-diagnostics. All commands and information can be transmitted wirelessly via the optionally available IOLink connection. There is also an overload protection in the event of a collision with the clamping arm. In this case, the drive is automatically switched off immediately. The 24 V DC voltage used in the unit is considered "low voltage" and is therefore safe for people to touch.

A wear-free, brushless DC motor serves as the drive. The gearbox and a threaded spindle convert the motor rotation into a swivel and lifting movement of the piston rod. The swing clamps are therefore particularly suitable for clamping workpieces whose clamping points must be free for loading and unloading the fixture. According to the company, the electric drive offers another special advantage compared to the hydraulic versions: The element is completely leak-free. It is also maintenance-free for up to 500,000 cycles and is dust and water-protected as an IP67 version. The electronic control for the DC motor is housed on a circuit board in the housing of the swing clamp. The power supply and signal exchange to the external control unit are carried out via two short cables with plug connectors. Cable sockets are available as standard for connection by the customer.