The HeiDetect Flex can be flexibly adapted to changing requirements. - © HEITEC PTS

Flexibly adaptable to your needs

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With our new HeiDetect Flex, we have an X-ray system in our portfolio which, thanks to its modular design, can be flexibly adapted to changing, individual production requirements throughout the entire service life of the system.

Thanks to the configurable cabin size, our HDFlex can be customised to the size of your requirements. This means that there are almost no limits to component type, size and geometry. X-ray tubes with a voltage of up to 450 kV and a focal spot from 50 μm can be configured in our standard system. The focal spot can be made smaller on request if your application requires this. With a resolution from 100 μm pixel pitch, the detectors used offer the possibility of detecting the finest artefacts. You can use the HDFlex not only for random testing of your components, but also for convenient semi-automated and fully automated testing.

With its at-line and in-line capability, the X-ray system offers flexibility for integration into existing production lines. It can be seamlessly integrated into the production process to ensure efficient and continuous inspection of your components. The shortest cycle times are achieved thanks to loading and unloading parallel to production. This means maximum output without unnecessary waiting times.

All our X-ray cabins are fully protected and therefore offer maximum safety for people and the environment.

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