DMG-Mori machine for 3D printing of complex metal components. - © FH MÜNSTER

Metal 3D printing also profitable for SMEs

The production of metal parts using a 3D printer can also be profitable for SMEs - this is shown by research results from experts at Münster University of Applied Sciences. If required, SMEs can receive professional support and the opportunity for testing.

In his master's thesis at Münster University of Applied Sciences, René Edelmann analysed the potential of additive manufacturing for Dünnewald Stahlhandel and printed a component in one piece for one of its customers. Conventionally manufactured, the part would have consisted of 11 individual components. The Lasertec30 SLM 2nd 3D printing system from DMG Mori is available in the Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Technology at the Steinfurt Technology Campus for printing complex metal components. The working area measures 300 × 300 × 300 millimetres. Aluminium (AlSi10Mg0.5) and grade 1.440 stainless steel can be printed. ‘We are trying to raise awareness among regional companies that metal 3D printing is a very interesting addition to conventional manufacturing processes such as turning or milling,’ explains Prof. Dr Hilmar Apmann, who supervised the master's thesis. Interested companies can contact the Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering at Münster University of Applied Sciences at any time for advice and testing opportunities.