Promoting the circular economy

Through intensive research and development work, ASK Chemicals has achieved a significant reduction in waste and resource consumption by using production by-products as a source of raw materials for the development of new product formulations.

In its efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, ASK Chemicals is taking another important step towards a more sustainable future through targeted distillate recycling. The company's research and development activities are aimed at developing efficient products, actively seeking more environmentally friendly and efficient raw materials and exploring ways to reduce waste. One way of improving the ecological footprint and avoiding waste is the use of distillates.

In recent years, researchers at ASK Chemicals have investigated a variety of distillates and their suitability for use in formulations. The results are convincing: the Hilden-based company reports that by 2023, products based on recycled materials will account for up to 15% of global resin production. The use of distillates at ASK Chemicals is subject to strict quality controls to ensure the well-known high product performance.

"We are pleased to announce this remarkable success on our sustainability journey," said Dr. Jens Müller, Chief Technology Officer at ASK Chemicals. "Our progress in this area is a testament to our commitment to resource efficiency and environmental responsibility. A big thank you to our research, development and process engineering teams."