Proposal for the industrial electricity price

Annoyed by the abolition of the peak compensation, Siempelkamp proposes that the state helps with the current additional electricity costs in the sense of interim financing and recovers the difference when electricity prices are low in the future.

Dirk Howe, managing director and spokesman of Siempelkamp Giesserei: "Currently, all companies that tackle the transformation from fossil fuels to electricity are punished with significantly higher costs, because electricity costs considerably more and the abolition of the peak compensation (see GIESSEREI 8/2023) makes this situation even worse". His proposed solution is for the state to help energy-intensive companies now with an industrial electricity price and to get back the difference to lower electricity prices in the future - a universal CfD (Contract for Difference) - this would create planning security on all sides and would be the basic prerequisite for investments. "Especially when almost 13 billion euros in subsidies are laid out for just three individual companies - Intel, thyssenkrupp, Salzgitter - one should consider how many hundreds of medium-sized companies with tens of thousands of employees could have been supported in the transformation with this amount," Howe continued.