The platform that proves that you can also buy castings online

CASTFAST uses the advantages of 3D sand printing to radically digitise and streamline the casting process from quotation to delivery and reordering.

Marcel Tschillaev, product manager and part of the CASTFAST founding team, explains: ‘We are foundrymen. Our hearts beat for casting as a manufacturing process. We want to make castings more attractive to buyers and designers by finally addressing the aspects of the process that really annoy buyers: long waiting times for offers, long lead times, lack of flexibility and agility. Solving these problems and providing a whole new way of buying and offering castings is also a huge opportunity for foundries. To win new customers, work smarter, become more competitive. We can make life easier for foundries!”

3D sand printing: what is so radical about it?

3D sand printing makes it possible to overcome several problems of the traditional casting process at once. Moulds are printed directly in sand (using binder jetting) without the need for a model. The process enables higher precision and more accurate surfaces than other faster processes such as full-mould casting, and offers more design freedom.

Because 3D sand printing is inherently a more digital process (it starts with a print file), it enables a new level of digitalisation of the entire casting process. Crucially, it suddenly becomes much easier to price (no model costs!), to place the casting order with the right supplier and to clock the order through the foundry.

Once a digital print file has been created, repeat orders for the same cast part can be placed at any time at the push of a button and (always) without minimum order quantities. Spare parts can be ordered on demand and even improved or optimised between orders. Even small batch orders of up to 100 parts can be produced in the shortest possible time without a model.

The ordering process begins online with an online calculator that displays an instant price, an estimated delivery date and the carbon footprint. This is followed by a formal offer within 24 hours.

The turbo for foundries

For foundries, CASTFAST offers both an additional way to find new customers and a mechanism for completing existing projects faster.

Foundries can become part of the CASTFAST platform and help to serve incoming leads via the online calculator, or they can purchase 3D printed sand moulds from CASTFAST – to speed up orders, enable short-turnaround projects and try out the benefits of 3D sand printing. CASTFAST experts are always on hand to help with technical questions.